Oakley can be regarded as a luxury brand in the eyewear

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Oakley is rare and quite unfamiliar in China. It is a sports brand, but it is also a brand of glasses. Is Oakley a luxury brand? Why are glasses expensive?

Is Oakley a luxury brand:

Oakley can be regarded as a luxury brand in the eyewear brands.

Oakley has more than 600 patented technologies, and constantly discovers problems and seeks solutions in an artistic way. This unique philosophy makes Oakley the most representative and unique brand in the market. Oakley’s innovative technology allows world-class athletes to perform at their best in the competition. Oakley is known for its excellent High Definition Optics (HDO) technology, which is used in fields including sunglasses, optical glasses and ski goggles. Oakley has grown from the world’s leading sports eyewear brand to a leading sports brand involved in sportswear, footwear and accessories. Oakley’s products include professional sports series and active lifestyle series for men and women.

Why are oakley glasses expensive:

Regarding the price, the Shanghai store has a price tag of more than 3,000 to nearly 4,000. In the United States, the price is only in the early 1,000s. It is decisive to start, and the concave shape of the island in summer depends on it.

Oakley, an American brand of glasses, was previously called “Oakley” when translated, but now his family has unified the Chinese name, only “Oakley”. People who like this brand also call it “O”. Many of the American national forces use Oakley glasses and military boots. Oakley can filter 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light with a wavelength of up to 400 nm, which is very good for the protection of the glasses, and the impact resistance of Oakley glasses is very strong, even finger bombs can not be penetrated. And Oakley’s style is also very fashionable and cool, and Oakley’s style is also very fashionable and cool. Edison Chen wears them in “Sharp Shooter”. In reality, many shooters will also choose these glasses.

Which Sunglasses Brands are More Likely to Capture Hearts

In recent years, star travel reality shows such as “Romantic Travel of Wife” and “Flowers and Boys” have shined, with countless fans. Interesting task links, unique clock-in sacred sites, fascinating natural scenery and cultural landscapes have made countless travel enthusiasts with “poetry and distant” feelings be moved, and inspired everyone’s desire to travel.

Exquisite makeup, fashionable clothes, and casual collocation make the stars in the show a “walking fashion textbook”. As a must-have item for travel, fake Oakley sunglasses not only play the eye protection function of sunshade and sunscreen, but also add a lot of color to the shape, showing a unique personal taste.

Thus, bid farewell to the screen, in ordinary travel, which sunglasses brands are more likely to capture hearts?

Paramount sunglasses

The post-90s flower “Yang Zi” wears the feelings of Anli Paramount on Weibo. She shared: Every trip is to fly from this city to another city, and it feels like traveling. During this trip, the Paramount travel sunglasses that I must bring with me are not only windproof and eye protection, but also concave shape. What’s more, it is very nice and comfortable.

This year, in “Romantic Journey of Wife 2”, Zhang Jiani, the goddess of happiness who set off the memory of the post-90s generation, was also a fan of Pilimeng. In this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the goddess appeared on the streets of Paris in an All White dress. Choosing a pair of pink Limon aviator sunglasses as an embellishment; strolling in the courtyard, showing the romantic and elegant French style.

Lanqi 6147 sunglasses

Lanqi 6147 sunglasses are double-layered lenses, borderless geometric design, light and warm, light and thin metal frame, comfortable and stress-free to wear. The foot cover adopts a humanized arc design, which is comfortable to the ear. Lanqi 6147 sunglasses are beautiful in appearance and relatively lightweight. After wearing them, there is no pressure, and they will not fall for a long time. They have good shading effect and are necessary for going out in summer.

Helien N6621 sunglasses

The simple and clean lines of Hullien N6621 sunglasses are matched with geometric frames, which can easily create a fashionable and cool feeling. The seemingly simple hollow design is not only chic and fashionable, but also can modify the face.

What I like most about Hullien N6621 sunglasses is the hollow frame design. After wearing it, it will become more fashionable and trendy. There is a fan of sunglasses with good quality workmanship and good shading effect.

Knockoff Oakley sunglasses

Knockoff Oakley sunglasses
Knockoff Oakley sunglasses

Replica Oakley sunglasses are made of high-quality alloy materials, through multiple processes, to create a slim and flexible sunglasses. The connection between the temples and the frame has been tested for 6000 times. And it still maintains a stable and smooth shape. The lens has undergone a 650 degree light radiation resistance test, bringing a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.

Oakley knockoffs are of good workmanship and quality, and even the standard spectacle case is exquisite. Further more, it is comfortable to wear and has good polarization effect, which is very suitable for driving.

Test on Anti-Ultraviolet Capability of Fake Oakleys Lens

(1) principle: simulate the light to irradiate on the horizontal convex surface of the lens to measure the light intensity of the fake Oakleys lens, and to determine the ability to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

fake Oakleys
fake Oakleys

(2) scheme: a normal sampling according to GB2828 and the use of general inspection level on batch production of lenses.
(3) step: 1. open the test chamber cover of the spectrum analyzer at room temperature, put the test lens in the clip, and close the lid.
1. The curve of the wavelength and transmittance of the tested Oakley knockoffs lens is obtained by the spectrum analyzer through the computer and printer.

knockoff Oakleys
knockoff Oakleys

Results: the transmittance of UVB 280nm-315nm: <0.1Tv and UVA 315NM-350nm:<0.5Tv. in this range is qualified, otherwise it is unqualified.
2. requirements for different uses
spectral transmittance ratio and traffic light identification are required for sunglasses used for driving. The requirements of special purpose glasses including light transmittance of photochromic glasses, gradient colored cheap Oakley sunglasses, polarized fake Oakley sunglasses are basically the same in all countries.
3. light intensity and prism degree
The light intensity is equal to the difference between the convergence of the square beam and the convergence of the square beam, which represents the ability of the optical system to deflect the light. Generally speaking, the light intensity is expressed as the reciprocal of the focal length of the image. Prism refers to the deviation of light produced by passing through a special point on the lens. In Europe EN1836:2005 sunglasses are divided into 2 grades, and different grades have different requirements for light intensity and prism degree.

best fake Oakleys
best fake Oakleys

A lens with or without binocular integral lens grade 1: horizontal tolerance 0.25cm/m (basement) ~0.75cm/m (basal outward) vertical tolerance 0.25cm/m.
4. material and surface quality
5. Various countries have certain requirements on the The surface quality of sunglasses, just differentiated in description, to sum up various requirements, it can be simply stated as follows: to test under bright and dark environment without the aid of optical amplification device, to see whether there are bubbles lens scratches, impurities, mildew, scratches, stains, blisters and cracks or not.
To meet the requirements of the national standard GB10810-1996 “5.1.4”, namely, there should be no inner defects effecting vision such as Huo Guang, and spiral within the field centered by lens datum point and within the diameter of 30nm, as well as no scratches, wear on the surface, keep clean and clear perspective.

high quality fake Oakleys
high quality fake Oakleys

6. Flame retardancy
In the European standard EN1836, the flame retardant test method of Australian standard AS/NZS1067 and China’s standard QB2457are basically the same and shown as follows:
Put the steel rods heated to (650 + 20) C above the sample for (5 + 0.5) s, and see whether the samples continued to burn. In ANSIZ80.3, to place the sample in (200±5)℃ for (15±1)min to observe whether the sample would burn. The two methods seem to be very different, but they are essentially discussing the same thing, that is, whether the high quality fake Oakleys will burn at high temperatures.