Clearance Oakley Sunglasses With Solid, Well-sealed Package

The clearance Oakley sunglasses arrived in a solid, well-sealed package. The presentation is very careful: a white box, sober, with the Enchroma logo and little else. Inside were the clearance Oakley sunglasses, a case, a cloth bag for storage, a microfiber handkerchief and some simple instructions.

The materials quality

The frame is resistant and pleasant to the touch (they are made of a thermoplastic called TR-90). And the case is robust and elegant. No complaint about it.

So neither short nor lazy I followed the instructions literally, which read:

Go to the street

Put on your clearance Oakley sunglasses.

This third point elaborates a little more: the eyes usually need some time to adapt to the lenses (10-15 minutes). And recommend to achieve the full effect that you use them for ten hours spread over one or two weeks. Although in my case it was enough with a couple of minutes.

The fact is that I used them instead of my clearance Oakley sunglasses to drive, and it was probably a risky idea. I did not do more than watch as soon as I had a break in the trees. The dawn, the islets with grass on the road, the red cars, the stop signs, the bricks. But I was late for work because I was looking at a cypress and a beautiful brick buttress in the historic center of Toledo, in Spain.

And used them instead of my clearance Oakley sunglasses to drive, and it was probably a risky idea. I kept looking as soon as I had a break to the trees, the dawn, the stop signs, the bricks …

The colors are, as Enchroma promises, more vibrant and intense (also for non-colorblind people if they wear glasses). But the truly great thing about glasses is the range they open within a single color. For example, the cypresses often have small “patches” somewhat yellowish among the green (more where I live. Which is a very dry area) and it is not that before I could not see it, but with the glasses it is “evident”. Before, I had to consciously look at the tree to see it.

A small grove in a hotel next to the road, with cypresses and olive trees and some ornamental shrub. Was suddenly much more beautiful and lively than before. Again, it is not that he is incapable of distinguishing an olive tree from an arizonic without the glasses. But by highlighting the difference between his greens, the perception of form and variety increases remarkably. The best thing is the red Escobillón, a beautiful shrub that I saw in Valencia this summer, with flowers surrounded by radial stamens of a really intense red.

clearance Oakley sunglasses

There are many more examples, the most remarkable being the sunsets, which are much richer in nuances with the glasses. Or the abandoned fields and the yellow mixture of the dried herbs with the dull green of the evergreens. Also the old and heterogeneous brick of the ancient walls. I think you get the idea.

I tried them too, out of curiosity, with this test. The bar chart indicates the intervals of the chromatic spectrum in which I err, the higher, the more faults.

Without using the Enchroma glasses.

Using the clearance Oakley sunglasses remarkably improves the score.

Although there is another model of cheap Oakleys glasses designed for interiors and screens (those of the sun, which are the ones I have tried, are for outdoors), I got a significant improvement with its use. Although, of course, they did not remove the color blindness, not much less. One detail to keep in mind is that they do not function with the Ishihara Test (the circles with colored dots and numbers inside), although there are other products designed for that purpose.

In general I am delighted with the clearance Oakley sunglasses. I know that I will always be colorblind and that they do not solve it much less, but I am also a romantic and I appreciate being able to see more of how things really are. And, ironically, green is my favorite color.

He has the problem that the lenses do not cover the outside of the field of vision well. That is something that bothers me in sunglasses in general, and these are not an exception. Thus, if you plan to buy them, I recommend that you consider another style with longer crystals.

In short, do high quality clearance Oakley sunglasses work? For me yes, with the nuances indicated above. I recommend your purchase? Yes, as a luxury item, a gift, or something like that. Unless you need them to work or you do not really see the signs or traffic lights to the point that it is a safety problem, they make me quite expensive. In the end it is a very subjective question. How much is it worth to you to improve your perception of colors? If the price goes down in the future or if they start distributing them in Europe, it will be a much more reasonable purchase.

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