Choose The Frame According To The Face Shape, Read This Article Is Enough

More and more people like to wear knockoff Oakley sunglasses? In fact, whether it is sunglasses or glasses, it can always change the image temperament more or less. Choosing the right frame is half the battle. How to choose a frame, knowing your face shape is very important. Today, I will share with you the matching skills of your face shape, and take a seat according to your face shape.

A square face features wider cheekbones and straight, square jawlines. It is recommended to select a frame with round and soft lines.

A diamond-shaped face has a narrow top and bottom and a wide middle. Usually, the cheekbones are more obvious. Knockoff Oakley sunglasses Frames that are large or have an extended sense of the corner of the eye. 

A wide forehead, a wide middle, and prominent cheekbones characterize the heart-shaped face. Recommend choosing a frame that is larger than the face shape or has an extended sense of the corner of the eye.

A round face is characterized by rounded lines and no obvious edges and corners. It is suitable for a square frame and contrasts with the face shape.

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A long face has a longer face and a high forehead. I recommend choosing a frame that is slightly wider than the face shape to balance the horizontal proportions of the face.

Oval face, the widest part of this face shape is located in the cheekbones area. And it shrinks smoothly and symmetrically to both sides of the forehead and chin. A standard face shape generally allows one to wear any style of frame.

The face with melon seeds, the upper part is relatively wide and flat, and the lower part has even and smooth lines. The lower part of this face shape has smooth and well-proportioned lines. Thus, you should wear a frame that can form a vertical line on the face to make up for the lack of a wider and flat upper part.

It is best to choose an oval frame with clear lines, mainly made of metal alloys. Then I would like to remind everyone here that when we understand our face shape. We should wear headbands, tie all our hair, and look straight ahead.

In fact, the thickness of the frame is also related to the presence of the five senses. If the three-dimensional presence of the five senses is high, select the fine frame. On the contrary, if one’s five senses scattered or too small, they should choose a thick frame. After mastering these skills, there is no problem in choosing the fake Oakleys that suit you.

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