The Test Of Knockoff Oakleys

I was able to afford these knockoff Oakleys sunglasses thanks to a friend who works in optics. Otherwise, I would never have invested in it. You must know that I am a fan of the quality / price ratio of knockoff Oakleys sunglasses.

However, I’m not at all disappointed with the product. The only complaint I can make him is that the knockoff Oakleys not polarized. And personally, at this price, it bothers me a little. But, some people will think that I quibble and they may not be wrong.

First of all, the livery is impressive. The product very well accessorized, and that’s an excellent point. With the purchase, when one opens the box one very impressed, here are the details:

– The storage case, big, very big, we understand better why when opened,

– The knockoff Oakleys, sober and aesthetic, very enveloping, protection index 3+ with adjustable branches 3 positions,

– Anti-fog system

– Elastic headband to replace the ski mask style, it is equipped with a non-slip system to prevent it from slipping,

– Protects your nose to prevent sunburn,

– A cloth case that serves as a “cleaning cloth”,

– Orange replacement lenses, with their fabric case, which reduce the protection factor to 2, ideal in the fog,

– Spare high quality knockoff Oakleys for the anti-fog system,

– A “nose support” (I do not know the technical term. It is the place that comes to be placed on the nose when we put the glasses) spare rubber,

– The user manual.

knockoff Oakleys


The finishes of the product are excellent. The foakley sunglasses can disassembled completely to be accessorized with respect to the exit that one wishes to make. Go skiing, running, climbing, kéké in the city … and it rains, it sells. There is fog or there is a bright sun. In 2 minutes, you can completely transform his glasses to his liking, it’s very nice. Everything is clipped and easily disappears. By cons, if you want to carry the complete set, it’s a bit of a hassle, the case is really too big and takes a crazy place in the bag.

In practice:

The light protection is excellent, the quality of the glasses is top. The ability to adjust the branches offers a real plus, to adapt to different morphology of face.

The anti-fog system really well designed, I have never had a fogging problem in winter as it may be the case with my Oakley “Swelve”, plus it has a foam “comfort” installed on it. Which is really comfortable when using the elastic band during outings on ski touring. The system closes on the glasses, which creates an air space and ventilated from below and above. It is really very very effective with in addition a special treatment “antifog” on the glasses of this accessory.

The fake Oakley sunglasses are very comfortable, whatever the activity (mountaineering, ski touring, simple stroll …) they do not move. The branches tighten just enough and associated with the rubber nose support , the stability is exceptional. Having had many pairs of glasses before, which I kept the cases. I use a knockoff Oakleys sunglasses hard case smaller to put the glasses in the bag if I do not need it.

The elastic band is very effective, easy to adjust. The inside of the headband covered with silicone filaments. Which allows a perfect fit on the head, the headband does not slip.

The 2 types of lenses provided allow a wide range of use. The orange lenses are very effective, very bright on white days, the relief is quite good despite the reduced visibility. 3+ glasses are very nice, the brightness very well filtered.


I love this knockoff Oakleys, but the price can put off more than one, although compare to other brands they are not so expensive. I do not regret my purchase. If you hesitate for a long time because of the price, ben do not hesitate, go for it. The only little complaint that I can do is the non polarization of the glasses and the size of the case provided difficult to take in a bag, but hey, I quibble.

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