Knockoff Oakleys Radar

Presented here with carbon-look frames, the knockoff Oakleys sunglasses are available in no less than 20 color combinations. A light pair of glasses since it displays only 24g on the scale, enough to be forgotten once on the nose.

No surprise riding side, it composed of Grilamid, a topic quite common now on sports knockoff Oakleys glasses. A material that combines strength, lightness and good resistance to UV and sweat.

The sleeves on the branches and the nasal support are in a hydrophilic material so that the foakley sunglasses do not slip despite perspiration. The nasal support is adjustable to the shape of your nose.

The “screens” are of course interchangeable and provided with a large vent in order to limit the appearance of fogging.

The fake Oakley sunglasses sold with a microfibre case to protect them and also allows to clean them without scratching them. A rigid box completes the whole thing.

Polarized Smoke Lenses, as the name suggests, the lenses lightly smoked. They are never totally transparent.

The UV protection index varies from 2 to 3 depending on the light conditions. Indeed, the photochromic treatment allows the lenses to tint more or less depending on the ambient light.

They will therefore reserved for conditions covered to bright, but not to use in low light.

Light transmission varies from 11.9 to 32.1%. For comparison, the Rudy Project Agon range from 16 to 75%. Oakley Radar announces a time of 8s to go from the lightest to the darkest.

Lenses made of polycarbonate, resistant to scratches and shocks and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

The “+” of these glasses is that they combine photochromic treatment and polarizing treatment.

The light is reflected on the shiny surfaces: sea, road … This phenomenon generates parasitic reflections that cause discomfort and visual inaccuracy, with or without glasses. A polarizing lens has a filter that suppresses these parasitic reflections. These lenses provide more visual comfort and a more contrasted vision.

The green colors (grass) and blue (sky or sea) are generally much more “flashy” with polarizing lenses.

On the road

No surprise by putting the cheap Oakley sunglasses on the nose, we find the same comfort as the main competing brands. It fits well and the glasses are forgotten.

On a cloudy day, the lenses are bright enough to see correctly. But as I said above, they can not used if it’s really dark.

If a few rays of sun point the tip of their nose, the screen tinted to offer more than 12% of light transmission. What to be pretty well protected. In any case, enough for cycling. It is only in the mountains that this protection can be insufficient, to ski for example. In this case, glasses with protection rating 4 recommended. But by bike, a degree of protection 3 is ample.

Regarding the photochromic aspect, to tell the truth, the difference in hue between 12 and 32% of light transmission is rather weak. So I could not measure the time to go from one state to another.

For the polarizing side, I have not found the contrast that can found on some glasses, with a blue firecracker or very “green” fields. But glasses that offer such a contrast have a major flaw, most LCD have their screen that is totally black through these glasses.

Clearance Oakleys¬†has probably made the choice of a lighter polarization treatment to avoid this problem. Because by bike, that would mean … more counter screen visible. But the reflections all the same diminished. Much less reverberation of light on the windshields of cars.

Finally, the large ventilation vents allow to limit the appearance of steam in cold weather.

In conclusion, these high quality fake Oakleys offer a lot of functions and a good quality for less than $200. Just regret that the light transmission is not more important in low light. But honestly, for most of the time a cyclist rides, that’s more than enough.

In addition, its rather discreet design should be a great success for those who do not want glasses too showy.

These fake Oakleys are available online bike culture, endurance shop, Running board, Running Earth.

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