Replica Oakleys Radar Pace

In the era of the smart, the glasses do not remain outside especially in relation to the sport. Products that integrate sensors and headphones that make these glasses another wearable to monitor physical activity, to the point of being a coach who “understands us better” like the replica Oakleys Radar Pace. And although it is an American company, precisely that part of software that understands us has been developed in Seville.

When talking about the technification of the last Olympic Games of Rio 2016 we saw that the American cycling team had trained with the SOLOS, augmented reality glasses to have continuous information of the practice. The replica Oakleys ones go a little further looking for a better interaction, and to know how this product is in depth we have talked with Intel, company that has developed the software part of speech recognition.

Beyond protective lenses

After tracking apps like Runkeeper and the boom of activity wristbands, now they share terrain with their own hybrids with sports watches. These went from being monochrome monitor heart rate monitors to much more complete watches like the Polar W600 or the Apple Watch Series 2.

replica Oakleys

For a while, that witness to try to be the ideal technological complement for the practice of sport is taking smart glasses, although they differ a lot from what we have seen so far as the Google Glass or the Hololens. In the case of the knockoff Oakleys Radar Pace they integrate a multitude of sensors and headphones, looking for information to arrive actively and passively to the athlete without having to press anything necessarily.

These sensors (including accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, proximity and humidity sensors) are responsible for collecting the information so that the device can process it and can inform at all times of pulsations, rhythm, distance, speed, time activity, etc. The Oakley knockoff user can navigate with touches and swipes, as well as preconfigured questions to regulate volume, answer calls, etc. and get this data.

In addition to the sensors, the fake Oakley sunglasses with Prizm lenses, which according to the manufacturer maximize the contrast and promise to improve visibility. Cheap Oakleys composed of Plutonite, a material that filters UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light up to 400 nanometers.

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