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In the coming weeks, the fake Oakleys will be ready to deliver its first Frames audio AR sunglasses, but if you are looking for sportier lenses with integrated audio. You should keep your attention on fake Oakley sunglasses with OptiShokz bone conduction audio.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses

To allow cyclists, runners, mountaineers, golfers, skiers, and other athletes to listen to their music and make calls while maintaining “environmental sound awareness”. Oakley will launch the fake Oakley sunglasses Radar Pace through an Indiegogo campaign on February 19.

Sunglasses have long been a fashion icon and an essential item in everyday life. As a leading brand in the field of sunglasses. Oakley has always been known for its unique design, high-quality materials and excellent performance. However, genuine Oakley sunglasses are expensive, which makes replica Oakley sunglasses a popular choice.

Fake Oakley sunglasses strive to be comparable in appearance and performance to the genuine products. They are usually made of high-quality plastic or metal materials, making the sunglasses construction sturdy and durable. Lenses are usually made of high-quality polycarbonate or glass materials with excellent scratch, shock and UV resistance. This makes replica Oakley sunglasses equally effective in protecting your eyes from UV damage and glare.

In terms of design, fake Oakley sunglasses strive to maintain the style and charm of the original brand. You can find imitation versions of Oakley Frogskins, Holbrook, Gascan and many other classic styles, and they are almost the same as the originals. In addition, replica Oakley sunglasses also provide a variety of lens colors and frame options to meet the needs of different people.

Most importantly, when purchasing fake Oakley sunglasses, make sure to choose a trustworthy seller to ensure that you are getting a guaranteed quality product. While replica sunglasses are less expensive, you still need to carefully consider your needs and budget before purchasing to ensure you’re getting a product you’re happy with. Regardless, replica Oakley sunglasses offer an affordable option for those who want stylish, eye-protective sunglasses.

fake Oakley sunglasses

I doubt that these sound as good as the fake Oakleys Frames (which I’ve already tried), but they should offer a decent sound and be attractive to runners and cyclists who want to hear the traffic around them for safety reasons. In addition, for those who enroll in competitions that prohibit the use of earphones that block their ears. These replica Oakley sunglasses with audio will also be a very good option.

As soon as I get some time to test them when I have a preliminary model. I will update this article with my impressions about the performance of their audio. Until then, here are the key features of the Opti Shokz Revvez:

They are the first fake Oakley sunglasses with transducers located to transmit sound through the cartilage behind the ear. Providing the best response for bass sounds and volume

The beveled titanium rods have two positions

They are resistant to water and sweat

Each pair includes three interchangeable silicone rubber pads for the bridge, which ensure a very comfortable fit

Five lenses to choose from: polarized gray, REVO blue, gray gradient, transparent and bright yellow

Teijin polycarbonate molds the lenses, and they come with an included lens, with additional lenses sold separately.

The open design allows your ears to be free of blocking and lets you hear the ambient sound while you enjoy your music. Dual noise-canceling microphones eliminate external noise while improving voice volume for calls.

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