Fake Oakleys New Arrival Sunglasses

Oakley’s new sunglasses have always been famous for their unique design, high-quality materials and advanced technology. Every new product contains the brand’s innovative spirit and pursuit of quality. Oakley’s new sunglasses focus on the perfect combination of design and function. Whether it is a sporty style or a fashionable style, they are both fashionable and practical. Its design is inspired by sports and technology, and adopts a streamlined shape and advanced lens technology to ensure that the wearer can enjoy clear and comfortable vision in various environments. Oakley’s new sunglasses not only feature unique design and high-quality materials, but also incorporate advanced technology and excellent functionality, bringing the wearer an excellent visual experience and comfortable wearing experience. Whether in outdoor sports or daily life, choosing fake Oakleys sunglasses allows people to enjoy every moment under the sun in the best condition.

Latch Panel

The design of fake Oakleys Latch Panel sunglasses is inspired by modern urban life, blending avant-garde fashion and practicality. Its unique “Latch” technology allows the sunglasses to be easily hung on the collar or pocket of clothes, making them easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing and comfortable sunshine no matter when and where.

Fake Oakleys

Fake Oakleys Latch Panel sunglasses are crafted from high-quality materials for exceptional durability and comfort. Its lenses feature advanced anti-scratch coating and UV protection technology to effectively protect your eyes from UV rays and irritants, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest. The lightweight frame design makes the wearer feel extremely comfortable, and will not feel depressed or uncomfortable even if worn for a long time.

In addition to their stylish appearance and comfort, fake Oakleys Latch Panel sunglasses offer functionality and practicality. Its unique temple design allows the sunglasses to be easily hung on clothes, which is not only convenient to carry, but also effectively prevents the sunglasses from being lost. In addition, the sunglasses come equipped with replaceable lenses to meet the needs of different occasions, allowing you to have clear and comfortable vision in any environment.

Fake Oakleys Latch Panel sunglasses have become a pearl in the fashion world with their unique design concept, rich variety of colors and styles, high-quality and comfortable materials, excellent functionality and practicality. Whether in urban streets or outdoor sports venues, it can add a different kind of charm to you and show your fashion taste and personality. Choose Oakley Latch Panel sunglasses, let the sun accompany you every moment, and enjoy the beauty of life.

Futurity Sun

Inspired by the popular fake Oakleys Sutro sunglass, Futurity features a bold rectangle shape that stands out from the pack. With a lightweight NanO-Matter™ frame and TruBridge™ Unobtainium® nosepad system for a best-in-class fit with customizable no-slip retention , Futurity provides unmatched style and comfort. Get Futurity with Prizm™ Lens Technology or order with Oakley® Authentic Prescription lenses which come laser etched with the iconic Oakley ellipse logo for proof of authenticity and quality.

Fake Oakleys

Fake Oakleys Futurity Sun sunglasses are more than just an ordinary pair of glasses, they combine advanced technology with outstanding design aesthetics. It features the latest lens technology to protect eyes from harmful UV rays while providing clear vision. Its frame design is based on ergonomics and perfectly fits the contours of the face for excellent comfort. Its unique appearance design shows Oakley’s consistent avant-garde and fashionable style.

Fake Oakleys Futurity Sun sunglasses are not only a practical pair of glasses, but also a symbol of fashion and personality. Its unique design style and brand identity make it the first choice accessory for fashionistas to highlight their personality and taste. Whether in outdoor sports or daily life, wearing Oakley Futurity Sun can add highlights to your image and become the focus.

Fake Oakleys Futurity Sun sunglasses have become a shining star in today’s sunglasses market with their unique design, advanced technology and high-quality materials. It is not just a pair of glasses, but also a reflection of fashion attitude and lifestyle. Whether you are pursuing quality or personality, you deserve a pair of Oakley Futurity Sun sunglasses to make every moment under the sun more dazzling.

Damian Lillard Signature Series HSTN Metal

No stranger to HSTN, Damian Lillard has long been supporting this style – ever since he joined #TeamOakley. Working on his Signature Series, the team wanted to emphasize some of the key elements in bringing forward his artistic alter-ego known as Dame D.O.L.L.A. Through his music, his humble beginnings and his affinity for timeless designs, his Signature Series HSTN Metal builds off a monochromatic palette. With a sepia jaw that’s reminiscing of film photography, the triple black elements pay homage to classic vinyl records, a direct nod to his time spent in studio.

Pulling inspiration from other elements in the studio environment, the metal trigger stems, and the faux leather textured deco plates reference materials found in the recording booth. Look out for Dame’s custom etch logo at the upper left corner of the left lens. Crafted with a Prizm™ Black lens engineered to enhance color and contrast for heightened detail, the classy Signature Series HSTN Metal includes a custom microbag and box sleeve for an unparalleled experience.

Fake Oakleys

Damian Lillard signature series HSTN metal sunglasses have won unanimous praise from many users for their excellent quality and outstanding performance. As one of the flagship products of the fake Oakleys brand, these sunglasses undergo strict quality inspection and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that each pair of sunglasses meets the highest standards and requirements. The brand demonstrates its ingenuity and professionalism in material selection and detail processing, providing users with an unparalleled experience. Therefore, whether you are a fashionista or an outdoor enthusiast, you can rest assured to choose Damian Lillard signature series HSTN metal sunglasses and enjoy the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Stay ahead of the curve with fake Oakleys’ new sunglasses

As summer approaches, sunny days will become the norm in our lives. In this season, in addition to sunscreen, sunglasses have also become an indispensable accessory. When it comes to sunglasses brands that combine fashion and functionality, Oakley is undoubtedly the first choice. This year, Oakley has launched a new series of sunglasses, which combine cutting-edge design and advanced technology, bringing a new visual experience to fashion lovers. Oakley’s new sunglasses stand out for their unique design and excellent quality, and have become a favorite among many fashionistas and sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re on the city streets or exploring the great outdoors, replica Oakley sunglasses can express your personality and style. Whether it’s protecting your eyesight or enhancing your fashion sense, Oakley can meet your needs and make you look unique this summer. Choose Oakley and choose a different and exciting life!

Oakley, A Brand Well Known For Producing Sports Equipment

Fake Oakleys sale, a brand well known for producing sports equipment, especially their first-class sunglasses and goggles. Values over $2 billion and currently holding more than 600 patents. It’s hard to imagine that this such international company was found in a little garage with a pitiful initial investment of $300.

Jim Jannard, a son of a pharmacist and seemed becoming a pharmacist as his father. The life was arranged by family, attending the pharmacy school doesn’t satisfied Jim so he quitted. Traveling around the southwestern U.S. by a motorcycle, Jim Jannard sensed a significance of free and real. Then he started to have a mind of founding a business, so lets begin with his expert area, motorcycle.

In 1975, Jim Jannard began his business.

Within initially investment of 300 dollars and a little garage, an one-man business started quietly and no one expected this small business will become an industrial giant.

At the very first, Jannard sold his own product in the back of his car outside the motocross events. In the name of Jannard’s dog, the fake Oakleys borned and gradually known by more and more people. Main product ‘The Oakley Grip’ was welcomed by people because of its special material and hand shape fitting design.

Obtainning a good result encouraged Jannard, he began to invest more new product. After that, he has produced grips, elbow guards, chin guards, goggles, and number plates for BMX and motocross communities.


fake Oakleys

Life goes on, Jannard’ business became better and better. 5 years later by he started the business, Jannard give out a new product as a formation and milestone of fake Oakleys. ‘O-Frame’ as a pair of goggles was released in 1980, made the brand received recognition by public.

‘O-Frame’ has a scratch-free lens that provide a wide-open views of the road condition. The Iridium lens coating can reduce the affect of glare and tuned light transmission. A elastic strap with big ‘O’ logo is adjustable, gives out a comfortable and fit experience. Today, the ‘O-Frame’ is the ace product in Oakley, its revolutionary design makes the Oakley famous and popular. Oakley is now a international company and has a world-wide business work.

Nowadays, the fake Oakleys persist the spirit of innovation and creating, that brings it more than 600 patents and reputation. Jannard still not satisfied about the goggles, he want more innovation and creation. So he sold Oakley when Luxottica showed their will of buying Oakley in the end of 2007 and focus on his new business of producing cinema cameras.

Although Jim Jannard is not the boss of Oakley any more, his spirit of persist and not satisfied are still keeping in the culture of Oakley company. Wearing fake Oakleys is not simply a status or profession, is a agreement of its ‘Keep It Real’ spirit and culture.

Why Do Bodyguards Need To Wear Sunglasses?

The role of fake Oakleys are: to prevent the interference of light changes, obscure the vision, there is a deterrent. Sunglasses, headphones a wear, a look is a bodyguard, to have a certain deterrent effect on people with bad intentions.”

Today, let’s reveal the reason why bodyguards wear sunglasses, and not just to looks cool.

1. Mislead the attacker

The bodyguard should be able to see all directions and listen to all directions, so as to protect the object in all directions. Wearing fake Oakleys sunglasses can ensure that the attacker can not see the direction of movement of the bodyguard’s eyes, it is difficult to implement surprise attacks.

2.Prevent foreign objects from invading your eyes

Bodyguards are often on duty outdoors. If there is haze or dust in the place where the bodyguard is on duty, it will affect the bodyguard’s vision to a certain extent and reduce the visible range of the bodyguard’s vision greatly. Wearing sunglasses, even during the haze, you can see everything around you clearly and protect your target from physical attacks.

fake Oakleys

3. Protection in case of explosion

If there is a small explosion or there is debris during the duty, special sunglasses can play a protective role. Some countries’ bodyguards will wear special sunglasses to help them see things around clearly even at the scene of an explosion.

4. Psychological factors

When an unusual situation occurs at the scene of duty, the instinctive human reaction is to close the eyes. Wearing fake Oakleys sunglasses helps psychologically to be able to calm down as soon as possible and open your eyes quickly to scan the surrounding.

5. To hide emotions

The eyes are the soul of a person and can reflect the psychological state. When wearing sunglasses, you can avoid eye contact with the attacker, to prevent revealing your suspicion or surveillance eyes, so that the attacker does not have the opportunity to take advantage of it and make a counterattack at the right time.

6. To adapt to changes in light

Bodyguards have to go in and out of different places, if from the bright environment into the dark place need a few seconds to adapt to the time, the reaction will slow down, the enemy can easily take advantage of. Black eyes help to avoid direct sunlight and glare, which helps to reduce the number of blinks and keep the eyes open for a long time.

These are the reasons why the bodyguards wear glasses. The fake Oakleys of the bodyguards of important people are specially made. And these special glasses have even more functions, but as non-professionals we can only experience the visual enjoyment and increased fashion of dressing by wearing sunglasses.

Oakley Cycling Sunglasses- Fake Oakleys Jawbreaker

In recent years, high imitation products have begun to flood on a large scale. In the past, factories secretly manufactured and sold fake Oakleys, but now businesses are blatantly selling fakes. They not only fulfilled similar requirements, but also reached the realm of “1:1”, “high imitation”, “fine imitation” and even “perfect details”. Vocabulary such as “A goods” and “Ultimate Edition” have emerged one after another, which has planted one after another when consumers choose products.

fake Oakleys
fake Oakleys

Fake Oakleys Jawbreaker

Why do people buy fake Oakleys? I still remember a social experiment a few years ago—it was about putting two Oakley sunglasses purchased at the same counter for two testers, but told one tester that she was wearing a fake. Testers who think they are wearing “fake” sunglasses may be affected by the guilty mentality of wearing fake Oakleys sunglasses, and behave unnaturally in the following test activities. Compared with testers wearing “genuine” sunglasses, there are significant differences in behavior. This experiment shows that people are indeed very concerned about whether the product is fake or not, but from another perspective, can it also show that people lack the ability to discern whether the product is fake or not? Could this be the “reasonable” explanation for the production of counterfeit products-after all, most people can’t tell the difference between fake and genuine products.


In fact, what really influences the decision to buy fakes is the ratio of price to quality, also known as “cost-effectiveness”. Different consumers have different price tolerances for products. When the price of fakes is very different from that of genuine products, buyers naturally lower their requirements on the quality of counterfeit products. While the quality of fake Oakleys improves, the cost of the product will inevitably increase, leading to an increase in price. When the price reaches his expectations, he can choose to lower the requirements and buy cheaper products; or he can increase his budget and buy genuine products. In fact, the quality of fake products can never be compared with genuine products.

Fake Oakleys Jawbreaker
Fake Oakleys Jawbreaker


The popular Oakley cycling glasses in the world: Oakley Jawbreaker. Since its launch, Oakley Jawbreaker has been very popular. You can see it from top races such as the Tour de France and the Tour of Italy to self-entertaining cycling.
Fake Oakleys Jawbreaker are full of scientific shape, breakthrough fully enclosed design. The explosive knockoff Oakleys sells well in major online stores, and some stores have amazing transactions.

Colored Lenses Will Make Your Life Become Colorful

What are the functions of fake Oakleys? Which color lenses are beneficial and which colors follow the trend? This article will show you how to choose a right foakelys that are suitable for different eyes under different light by browsing the rich color lenses.

Each filter lens has a filter effect, and its hue has not changed. For example, many people think that yellow light will make things look brighter based on subjective impressions, and they also think that yellow lenses can bring them a better mood. However, from a purely objective point of view, these filter lenses do not make anything bright. In fact, fake Oakleys can reduce the brightness of light, no matter what they filter. For example, yellow lenses can filter most of the blue light in bright places, but if you want to achieve this effect, the light must be sufficient. This means that there is no such effect at dusk or in the dark. Golfers, sports enthusiasts and target shooters often wear yellow lens glasses, so that they can see the target range in rainy or foggy conditions, making their contrast higher and their vision clearer.

Motorcyclists and cyclists should not wear lenses that are too dark. Such glasses will reduce the light transmittance by 3%-8%d, which will affect the response to brake lights and traffic instructions.

In addition to a single color, the dip dyeing process can be used to make gradient color filters. The filter effect of these lenses gradually decreases from the top to the bottom. Therefore, many motorcycle drivers like to wear them when they are driving. When the driver looks at the display screen on the locomotive console, the filtering ability under the lens is low; while the driver is exercising on the road, the road condition is through the darker part above the lens, and the filtering ability is strong.

Studies have shown that not all people have the same tolerance to all colors. Therefore, when choosing filter sunglasses, the most important thing is whether you feel real comfort when wearing these fake Oakleys.

fake Oakleys

In fact, polarized lenses are also loved by water sports enthusiasts. They all hope to see more clearly by increasing the contrast of the lenses, and at the same time, they can minimize the effects of blinding glare.

We provide the following recommendations to consumers who love the uniquely produced best fake Oakleys lenses with fashionable colors. The entire color spectrum, including the color from the Caribbean Ocean to the sky blue. And then to the rich neon color; from orange to brown; from Natural color to artificial camouflage color.

Fake Oakleys Can Be Purchased Online

Fake Oakleys sunglasses seek to be different, independent of the great currents and trends of the fashion world. But always adapting to the client and their needs. Without neglecting the design and comfort. The purest classic style that clashes with futuristic innovations in design. Fake Oakleys are the new proposals in the market, they are the perfect complement for this summer.

Diverse creativity and various uses

From a collection intended exclusively for children, to one in collaboration with the fake Oakley sunglasses: never static, always on the move.  Fake Oakleys can be purchased online and they are the perfect option to mark trends and differentiate yourself.

Lightweight frames, polarized lenses and limited editions are some of the features brought by fake Oakleys glasses. They themselves define them as classic designs with modern airs, carrying a touch of elegance and sophistication at the same time as carefree. Their logo gives them away, and that is that Kokoro means heart in Japanese, which makes it clear that they craft each piece with love and delicacy.

With that touch of freshness that reminds us of holidays, it lands at the Goodbye Rita summer resort. Colorful frames and mirror crystals youthful, colorful, daring and capable of transmitting good vibes … so are these glasses. Perfect for a day of swimming with friends.

Fake Oakleys brings the solution for all those people who need to try and touch the glasses they are going to buy and also you can buy them online online. Since this firm gives you the option to try them at home, sending you up to 4 mounts (and without any additional cost). Glasses with a touch of distinction and designs for those who seem that the years have not passed.

Favaritx is an idea created in the Mediterranean through the effort, time, and desire of its creators. Ideal for lovers of the classic looking for something different. Since each piece has a base made of 100% organic fabric with an ecological and hypoallergenic finish. Decorated with fabrics of different patterns giving a touch of personality to each piece.

fake Oakleys

Unique and elegant design combined with exceptional quality

“Something totally different that until now has never existed.” This was and is the proposal of Tu-it, who emerged from nothing in 2013 surprising the customer with something new. An astonishment created by the combination of the excellence of a unique and elegant design, using the finest natural materials treated in an artisanal way.

According to its own creators, Martison emerges as “the project of two young entrepreneurs who, after training as optical optometrists, decided to launch an avant-garde signature sunglasses that met the highest standards of quality.” Or what is the same, hand-made glasses with a lot of care that truly protect from the sun. Unisex glasses sober but elegant, which are synonymous with style and sophistication.

Meller emerges as the fruit of the thinking minds of three students of Business Administration and Management. A simple product and at a good price. A unisex product without sizes that convinces and appeals to its creators. The result: a pair of fake Oakleys designed for any day-to-day occasion.

Mr Boho invites us to be the owner of our own course through his fake Oakleys, starting from a constant evolution and demanding from ourselves, just as they have done – and continue to do – to advance their brand. Classic glasses but with a special touch that differentiates it from any other signature. The mythical two-tone glasses combined in nacre stand out.

Designs of a new generation for a new generation (or not). Clearance Oakleys manufactures his glasses with unique materials and respectful with the environment. Defending from the beginning the creation of light, anti allergenic, flexible pieces … perfect for day to day. High Quality at an affordable price.

Some Secrets Of Fake Oakleys Lenses

Is there any particular reason to tint cheap Oakley sunglasses? Why are there different colors? Is there scientific evidence of its benefits? Today we tell you some secrets of fake Oakleys lenses.

You may have wondered why fake Oakleys with special dyes exist. Or maybe you thought it was a purely aesthetic issue. But if so, it’s also curious that these are more typical of certain sports, right? Actually the tints of sunglasses have their explanation. And also your scientific evidence? Let’s tell you a little more about them.

What are fake Oakleys sunglasses for?

Oddly enough, the first documented use of this type of lens was not to protect yourself from the sun, precisely. The use of smoked glass began with social issues, to avoid eye contact between certain people (by rank or position), something that also happens in our days. Although in the eighteenth century James Ayscough and tried to use this type of lens, tinted in blue or green, to solve certain eye problems, it has not been until very recently that they have begun to use as protective objects against sunlight. But how do they work? The main effect of the lens is to absorb certain wavelengths of natural light. Light is composed of a broad spectrum of waves, some of which are annoying or even dangerous to our eyes.

The tinting of the crystals acts as a screen since it contains materials capable of absorbing and reflecting certain specific lengths. That’s why we see dark or other colored crystals. In this way only certain types of wave pass, more comfortable for our vision. In the case of polarized glasses, this type of sunglasses filters the direction from which the light arrives, since it is bounced on all objects, coming from any direction. Polarized sunglasses help create a sharper image while avoiding annoying glare.

fake Oakleys

So, why do we ink them?

As we explained, the reason for tinting fake Oakleys sunglasses of different colors is not only due to an aesthetic but practical question. While gray or green dyes, the most common, minimally alter the perception of color, other colors could serve to accentuate the contrast. For example, the color orange or yellow helps in the perception of background contrasts, especially on cloudy days and homogeneous lighting. The red sunglasses increase the contrast enormously and help especially in low lighting conditions. On the other hand, there is no evidence that blue or violet sunglasses help in any way. So its use is rather due to an aesthetic issue.

The gray or green fake Oakleys glasses are the ones that least alter the perception of contrast and color.

But, then, does the rest of the dyes work? There are many doubts about the extent to which the perception of each individual is altered. This is mainly due to the fact that each eye (and brain) is very different when it comes to perceiving the colors around us. We know for sure the usefulness of foakley sunglasses when it comes to stopping pernicious radiations for the eyes and helping in certain pathologies. On the other hand, we do know the possible dangers of wearing different colored glasses when driving. This is due, as we said, to the alteration of the perception of colors. Which could be a key factor in some traffic accidents. For that reason, we recommend (and allow) only the gray or green glasses, the most neutral ones, for driving.

In other sports and physical activities, however, athletes use different dyes depending on their specific needs. In hunting or in golf, people use the yellow ones. While in cycling or in the race, people prefer the traditional ones. But in addition to the dyes, we must bear in mind that not all replica Oakley sunglasses are of the same quality. The use of approved knockoff Oakleys glasses is recommended since the rest are purely ornamental and do not protect against pernicious radiation. And you do not have to spend a lot of money on glasses. If they comply with the homologation, which means that they comply with certain characteristics demanded by the authorities. They all protect in a similar way. Spending more money does not mean having better protection, it is a matter of preferences.

Fake Oakleys, Sun Filter

Education in healthy life habits begins from childhood. Parents and educators play a key role in the acquisition of appropriate habits by children. To whom they transfer not only their knowledge and attitudes, but also their behavior patterns. The use of fake Oakleys is even more important for children than for adults. Since their crystalline lens is younger and transparent and has lower capacity to filter the light .

The discomfort that some people or others may suffer as a result of the sun does not depend on the light or dark color of their eyes. “Although popular beliefs seem to suggest that the clear eye is more troubled by light than dark. This is not true. The irises are light or dark depending on the amount of brown pigment (melanin). That they have deposited on their anterior surface “, clarifies Professor Bueno. Also, it indicates that the fact that more or less light passes into the interior of the eye depends on the good functioning of the pupil. Which regulates the entrance opening or closing.

In the summer, in which there are more hours of light and we make more life in the open air. It is especially important to always use protection in our eyes. The CEU professor recalls that “even when it is cloudy. Ultraviolet light as well as visible light expose us, as clouds do not totally filter it.”

But not all fake Oakleys sunglasses are adequate. The use of colored lenses and quality cheap Oakley sunglasses help prevent and delay the development of eye diseases. As they completely block UV radiation and partially reduce the visible light incident on the eye.

Fake Oakleys

The fake Oakleys are not listed as sanitary products. But as Individual Protection Equipment, which allows us to find them in a variety of establishments. However, they do not always provide all the necessary guarantees of eye protection. For this reason, Professor Bueno describes wearing Oakley sunglasses that do not meet the desired requirements in terms of sunscreens as dangerous and emphasizes. “Wearing an unsuitable filter may lead us to think that we protected when, in reality. It puts us in a situation of greater risk than if we carry nothing.”

The general indications when choosing the color of a filter are usually the following: green for hyperopic, slightly alter the colors. The brown increases the contrast and is more recommended for myopic patients. Gray is the one that best respects natural colors because it is the one that filters all wavelengths more evenly. In conditions of low luminosity, yellows and oranges are special and provide more contrast. But for the same reason, they are discouraged for solar use.

In addition to the color. Oakley lenses have another type of filter that is not observable since it does not bring appreciable external changes to the naked eye. This is the case of ultraviolet filters.  They do not contribute anything different to the external appearance of the lens and are a basic choice in any fake Oakleys. Whether or not for sun protection. The mirrors, for situations of more light or glare. Or antireflective filters serve as their primary function to eliminate glare and reflections on the external and internal faces of the lenses. Ensuring that vision occurs under the best contrast conditions. There are also photochromic lenses, which darken in the presence of ultraviolet radiation. Or lenses with polarized filters, which eliminate annoying reflections on certain surfaces, such as water or road.

In summary, Sara Bueno says that “there are no cheap Oakleys that are better. But we will choose the best or most appropriate filter according to the use we are going to give them and where we are going to use them”. And he recommends going to the optician-optometrist. Since “he will be able to recommend some high quality fake Oakleys or another according to the needs of each person from website“.

Test on Anti-Ultraviolet Capability of Fake Oakleys Lens

(1) principle: simulate the light to irradiate on the horizontal convex surface of the lens to measure the light intensity of the fake Oakleys lens. And to determine the ability to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

(2) scheme: a normal sampling according to GB2828 and the use of general inspection level on batch production of lenses.
(3) step: 1. open the test chamber cover of the spectrum analyzer at room temperature, put the test lens in the clip, and close the lid.

1. The curve of the wavelength and transmittance of the tested fake Oakleys lens obtained by the spectrum analyzer through the computer and printer.

Fake Oakleys

Results: the transmittance of UVB 280nm-315nm: <0.1Tv and UVA 315NM-350nm:<0.5Tv. in this range is qualified, otherwise it is unqualified.

2. requirements for different uses

spectral transmittance ratio and traffic light identification  required for sunglasses used for driving. The requirements of special purpose glasses including light transmittance of photochromic glasses, gradient colored cheap Oakley sunglasses. Polarized fake Oakleys sunglasses are basically the same in all countries.

3. light intensity and prism degree

The light intensity is equal to the difference between the convergence of the square beam and the convergence of the square beam. Which represents the ability of the optical system to deflect the light. Generally speaking, the light intensity is expressed as the reciprocal of the focal length of the image. Prism refers to the deviation of light produced by passing through a special point on the lens. In Europe EN1836:2005 sunglasses divided into 2 grades, and different grades have different requirements for light intensity and prism degree.

A lens with or without binocular integral lens grade 1: horizontal tolerance 0.25cm/m (basement) ~0.75cm/m (basal outward) vertical tolerance 0.25cm/m.

4. material and surface quality

Various countries have certain requirements on the The surface quality of fake Oakleys sunglasses, just differentiated in description, to sum up various requirements. It can simply stated as follows: to test under bright and dark environment without the aid of optical amplification device. To see whether there are bubbles lens scratches, impurities, mildew, scratches, stains, blisters and cracks or not.

To meet the requirements of the national standard GB10810-1996 “5.1.4”, namely, there should be no inner defects effecting vision such as Huo Guang. And spiral within the field centered by lens datum point and within the diameter of 30nm, as well as no scratches, wear on the surface, keep clean and clear perspective.

5. Flame retardancy

In the European standard EN1836, the flame retardant test method of Australian standard AS/NZS1067 and China’s standard QB2457are basically the same and shown as follows:
Put the steel rods heated to (650 + 20) C above the sample for (5 + 0.5) s, and see whether the samples continued to burn. In ANSIZ80.3, to place the sample in (200±5)℃ for (15±1)min to observe whether the sample would burn. The two methods seem to be very different, but they are essentially discussing the same thing, that is. Whether the high quality replica Oakley sunglasses will burn at high temperatures.

How To Choose The Best Color Of Fake Oakleys

When having outdoor activities, especially in hot summer days, fake Oakleys is an indispensable accessory for you. When choosing sunglasses, peoples usually focus more on the style, quality or price instead of the color. Now, I’m going to tell you how to purchase fake Oakleys sunglasses and the functions of sunglasses with different colors.

The gorgeous sunglasses makes you active and comfortable in the sun. When it comes to the selection of color of sunglasses. The best colors, on the whole, are dark brown, gray and green, collectively referred to as light colors which provide you with better visual and protective effects. Of course, if it’s only used as ornament or accessory, you can also choose the brilliant color to highlight your charm!

Dark Brown–First Choice When Driving

fake Oakleys

The dark brown lens can filter a large sum of blue rays that improves visual contrasts and clearness. The performs better when you wear it on air-polluted or foggy days. It can shield the reflected lights on smooth surface of article that ensures the users to identify the subtle situation, thus it becomes the best choice for drivers. It can fully absorb the purple, green rays. Moreover, it can absorb almost 100% of UV and IR radiation. Besides, the soft hue of it keeps the eyes from easy fatigue. It’s really a premium protective lens.

Gray–Necessity for Travel

fake Oakleys

Gray lens can filter infrared rays and 98% of ultraviolet ray. After wearing the gray fake Oakleys sunglasses, the colors of original articles will not be changed and it can also maximum its effects on shielding the strong sunlight. In hot Malaysia, gray fake Oakleys are acclaimed as “the most comfortable sunglasses”. When taking outdoor activities in summer days, wearing gray sunglasses can not only show off your fashion sense, shield the sunlight but also view the original color of the landscapes.


fake Oakleys

The faddish green lens are the same as gray ones which can also filter the infrared rays and 99% ultraviolet ray. But the green lens will change the colors of surroundings and the effect on terms of sunlight shading is inferior to the gray fake Oakleys sunglasses. Fortunately, green is the natural downer, which makes people around you feel at ease and comfortable. Why not wear green sunglasses if you wanna be a “charity ambassador” that will calm the hustling and bustling noises around you.

Red– Confident Debutante

fake Oakleys

The red-lens fake Oakleys sunglasses can filter 95% ultraviolet ray and some visual lights with shorter wavelength. Actually, the red lens are almost the same as the uncolored lens and its protective effects are not superior than those of other lens. But as found in a psychological research, 65% of women with pink sunglasses will feel more confident than usual. The pink cheap Oakleys is a psychotherapeutic placebo for you, so, you can wear it on gloomy days or the days with weak ultraviolet rays.