Some Secrets Of Fake Oakleys Lenses

Is there any particular reason to tint cheap Oakley sunglasses? Why are there different colors? Is there scientific evidence of its benefits? Today we tell you some secrets of fake Oakleys lenses.

You may have wondered why fake Oakleys with special dyes exist. Or maybe you thought it was a purely aesthetic issue. But if so, it’s also curious that these are more typical of certain sports, right? Actually the tints of sunglasses have their explanation. And also your scientific evidence? Let’s tell you a little more about them.

What are fake Oakleys sunglasses for?

Oddly enough, the first documented use of this type of lens was not to protect yourself from the sun, precisely. The use of smoked glass began with social issues, to avoid eye contact between certain people (by rank or position), something that also happens in our days. Although in the eighteenth century James Ayscough and tried to use this type of lens, tinted in blue or green, to solve certain eye problems, it has not been until very recently that they have begun to use as protective objects against sunlight. But how do they work? The main effect of the lens is to absorb certain wavelengths of natural light. Light is composed of a broad spectrum of waves, some of which are annoying or even dangerous to our eyes.

The tinting of the crystals acts as a screen since it contains materials capable of absorbing and reflecting certain specific lengths. That’s why we see dark or other colored crystals. In this way only certain types of wave pass, more comfortable for our vision. In the case of polarized glasses, this type of sunglasses filters the direction from which the light arrives, since it is bounced on all objects, coming from any direction. Polarized sunglasses help create a sharper image while avoiding annoying glare.

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So, why do we ink them?

As we explained, the reason for tinting fake Oakleys sunglasses of different colors is not only due to an aesthetic but practical question. While gray or green dyes, the most common, minimally alter the perception of color, other colors could serve to accentuate the contrast. For example, the color orange or yellow helps in the perception of background contrasts, especially on cloudy days and homogeneous lighting. The red sunglasses increase the contrast enormously and help especially in low lighting conditions. On the other hand, there is no evidence that blue or violet sunglasses help in any way. So its use is rather due to an aesthetic issue.

The gray or green fake Oakleys glasses are the ones that least alter the perception of contrast and color.

But, then, does the rest of the dyes work? There are many doubts about the extent to which the perception of each individual is altered. This is mainly due to the fact that each eye (and brain) is very different when it comes to perceiving the colors around us. We know for sure the usefulness of foakley sunglasses when it comes to stopping pernicious radiations for the eyes and helping in certain pathologies. On the other hand, we do know the possible dangers of wearing different colored glasses when driving. This is due, as we said, to the alteration of the perception of colors. Which could be a key factor in some traffic accidents. For that reason, we recommend (and allow) only the gray or green glasses, the most neutral ones, for driving.

In other sports and physical activities, however, athletes use different dyes depending on their specific needs. In hunting or in golf, people use the yellow ones. While in cycling or in the race, people prefer the traditional ones. But in addition to the dyes, we must bear in mind that not all replica Oakley sunglasses are of the same quality. The use of approved knockoff Oakleys glasses is recommended since the rest are purely ornamental and do not protect against pernicious radiation. And you do not have to spend a lot of money on glasses. If they comply with the homologation, which means that they comply with certain characteristics demanded by the authorities. They all protect in a similar way. Spending more money does not mean having better protection, it is a matter of preferences.

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