You Need A Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses For Eye Protection In Summer

Towel, water and sun protection for the skin are practically essential in the outings to the beach or the pool. The ones who have become accustomed to wearing them are also not forgotten about knockoff Oakley sunglasses, but they are usually neither children nor elderly people. Although specialists in ophthalmology warn that the protection of the eyes from solar radiation is necessary in all cases ages.

The eye has, by nature, natural protection systems against the impact of sunlight. Eyelids, cornea, crystalline, and the own pigmentation of the iris protect from excess light. “But those natural protection systems are not enough in the face of a long and intense exposure to sunlight, especially at certain times of the year, like now in summer, and at peak hours, like noon, when the solar radiation is three times higher than the rest of the year, “says doctor Joaquim Tarrús, ophthalmologist at the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona and the Regional Hospital of La Garrotxa.

In the case of children, who spend so many hours during the summer in swimming pools, adding to the direct sunlight the reflection of the sun in the water, specialists recommend even more protecting their eyes with knockoff Oakley sunglasses or, at least , take shelter of him wearing a cap. The brothers Abel and Ruth Paredes of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda are a real exception. They are 9 and 7 years old and when they leave the house, especially on sunny summer days. They wear the knockoff Oakley sunglasses that each of them chose in an optician’s shop.

Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses

Just as we have explained to you that you have to eat fruit and vegetables, and you have to put on cream to avoid sunburns on your skin. You have also learned that you have to protect your eyes from sunlight», explains the mother, Isabel Roman. In the pool and on the beach, the Paredes brothers wear knockoff Oakley sunglasses with suction cups. Because they love to immerse themselves. “Adults know how to protect ourselves from the sun. On the other hand, children never complain. “But older people, many of whom undergo cataract surgery and have an intraocular lens implanted. Are not as aware of the dangers of the sun on their eyes,” states Dr. Tarrús.

“In addition, the fake Oakleys lens of children and youth is very transparent and intraocular lenses also. Therefore, in these cases it is in those who need greater eye protection in summer, “says the ophthalmologist.

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