How To Choose The Best Color Of Fake Oakleys

When having outdoor activities, especially in hot summer days, fake Oakleys is an indispensable accessory for you. When choosing sunglasses, peoples usually focus more on the style, quality or price instead of the color. Now, I’m going to tell you how to purchase fake Oakleys sunglasses and the functions of sunglasses with different colors.

The gorgeous sunglasses makes you active and comfortable in the sun. When it comes to the selection of color of sunglasses. The best colors, on the whole, are dark brown, gray and green, collectively referred to as light colors which provide you with better visual and protective effects. Of course, if it’s only used as ornament or accessory, you can also choose the brilliant color to highlight your charm!

Dark Brown–First Choice When Driving

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The dark brown lens can filter a large sum of blue rays that improves visual contrasts and clearness. The performs better when you wear it on air-polluted or foggy days. It can shield the reflected lights on smooth surface of article that ensures the users to identify the subtle situation, thus it becomes the best choice for drivers. It can fully absorb the purple, green rays. Moreover, it can absorb almost 100% of UV and IR radiation. Besides, the soft hue of it keeps the eyes from easy fatigue. It’s really a premium protective lens.

Gray–Necessity for Travel

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Gray lens can filter infrared rays and 98% of ultraviolet ray. After wearing the gray fake Oakleys sunglasses, the colors of original articles will not be changed and it can also maximum its effects on shielding the strong sunlight. In hot Malaysia, gray fake Oakleys are acclaimed as “the most comfortable sunglasses”. When taking outdoor activities in summer days, wearing gray sunglasses can not only show off your fashion sense, shield the sunlight but also view the original color of the landscapes.


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The faddish green lens are the same as gray ones which can also filter the infrared rays and 99% ultraviolet ray. But the green lens will change the colors of surroundings and the effect on terms of sunlight shading is inferior to the gray fake Oakleys sunglasses. Fortunately, green is the natural downer, which makes people around you feel at ease and comfortable. Why not wear green sunglasses if you wanna be a “charity ambassador” that will calm the hustling and bustling noises around you.

Red– Confident Debutante

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The red-lens fake Oakleys sunglasses can filter 95% ultraviolet ray and some visual lights with shorter wavelength. Actually, the red lens are almost the same as the uncolored lens and its protective effects are not superior than those of other lens. But as found in a psychological research, 65% of women with pink sunglasses will feel more confident than usual. The pink cheap Oakleys is a psychotherapeutic placebo for you, so, you can wear it on gloomy days or the days with weak ultraviolet rays.

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