Why Do Bodyguards Need To Wear Sunglasses?

The role of fake Oakleys are: to prevent the interference of light changes, obscure the vision, there is a deterrent. Sunglasses, headphones a wear, a look is a bodyguard, to have a certain deterrent effect on people with bad intentions.”

Today, let’s reveal the reason why bodyguards wear sunglasses, and not just to looks cool.

1. Mislead the attacker

The bodyguard should be able to see all directions and listen to all directions, so as to protect the object in all directions. Wearing fake Oakleys sunglasses can ensure that the attacker can not see the direction of movement of the bodyguard’s eyes, it is difficult to implement surprise attacks.

2.Prevent foreign objects from invading your eyes

Bodyguards are often on duty outdoors. If there is haze or dust in the place where the bodyguard is on duty, it will affect the bodyguard’s vision to a certain extent and reduce the visible range of the bodyguard’s vision greatly. Wearing sunglasses, even during the haze, you can see everything around you clearly and protect your target from physical attacks.

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3. Protection in case of explosion

If there is a small explosion or there is debris during the duty, special sunglasses can play a protective role. Some countries’ bodyguards will wear special sunglasses to help them see things around clearly even at the scene of an explosion.

4. Psychological factors

When an unusual situation occurs at the scene of duty, the instinctive human reaction is to close the eyes. Wearing fake Oakleys sunglasses helps psychologically to be able to calm down as soon as possible and open your eyes quickly to scan the surrounding.

5. To hide emotions

The eyes are the soul of a person and can reflect the psychological state. When wearing sunglasses, you can avoid eye contact with the attacker, to prevent revealing your suspicion or surveillance eyes, so that the attacker does not have the opportunity to take advantage of it and make a counterattack at the right time.

6. To adapt to changes in light

Bodyguards have to go in and out of different places, if from the bright environment into the dark place need a few seconds to adapt to the time, the reaction will slow down, the enemy can easily take advantage of. Black eyes help to avoid direct sunlight and glare, which helps to reduce the number of blinks and keep the eyes open for a long time.

These are the reasons why the bodyguards wear glasses. The fake Oakleys of the bodyguards of important people are specially made. And these special glasses have even more functions, but as non-professionals we can only experience the visual enjoyment and increased fashion of dressing by wearing sunglasses.

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