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Look Style Vision Awards

The 2nd LOOK STYLE “Vision” Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Nearly 100 authoritative jury members and the most fashionable star hipsters, icon people came to the scene to help out.

When the stars encounter red carpets and cool cool graffiti walls, faded the boring long skirt dress, turned into a cool Daren, what kind of sparks will collide? The “LOOK STYLE Vision Awards” specially arranged the highlights in the red carpet. In other words, they set up a massive graffiti wall in the center of the red carpet, using various trend knockoff Oakley Sunglasses as the background and splicing bold contrast color blocks. Make all the celebrities present at the show instantly captivate the audience and become fashion darlings.

The catwalk, with Wu Mozhen, the “little witch,” serving as the opening guest, exudes vitality and launches the “Young Vitality STYLE” chapter, making it the biggest attraction of this feast. The beach resort style is refreshing and eye-catching. The high return rate of the swimsuit is matched with the fashionable sunglasses. It is charming and free and easy, so that the guests and stars present at the beach seem to be on the beach. The “Pioneer Design STYLE” is based on the wake-up of hip-hop blues songs. The supermodels wear different knockoff Oakley Sunglasses in the songs, dressed in the clothing designed by the domestic independent designer Zhang Chi, interpreting the spirit and courage of the pioneers. The final guest, Zhang Tianai, will demonstrate the fashion heritage spirit of “Modern Classic STYLE” and push the big show to the climax.

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Show three major themes

The “LOOK STYLE Vision Award” not only features professional evaluation, interactive experiences, and fashion displays but also presents a glasses brand display area on-site, showcasing three major themes: “Young Vitality STYLE,” “Pioneer Design STYLE,” and “Modern Classic STYLE.”

I am honored to co-organize the ‘Look Style Vision Award’ with the fashion COSMO Group. Thank you for all the brands and stars who participated in this moment. Fashionable people and media friends. Because of everyone’s promotion, knockoff Oakleys glasses fashion has moved forward.

In overseas, knockoff Oakley Sunglasses fashion is a very popular market, but unfortunately there is still a long way to go in China. We are very I hope that through this platform, more users will be able to know the fashion of foakleys glasses and make it a Chinese eyewear event.

Leading the trend of benchmarking

The leading brands of ‘Fashion COSMO’ and ‘Baodao Glasses’ will escort the ‘LOOK STYLE Vision Award,’ bringing together top domestic brands and inviting first-line estheticians and industry experts to select the most iconic look style from a fashion and design aesthetics perspective. Through these most popular and fashionable attitudes, the multi-dimensional interpretation of the look style’s fashion charm, consolidating the status of the glasses category in the fashion industry.

After the first launch of the LOOK STYLE “Vision” Awards Ceremony in 2015. The event received much attention and triggered follow-up discussions on nearly 10 million people online and offline. This time, “Fashion COSMO” and “Treasure Island Glasses” will upgrade LOOK STYLE again. In this age of looking at the face, let the glasses gradually break through the concept of functional products. And become the finishing touch of the trend. The occasion gives you a more versatile LOOK STYLE. LOOK STYLE is the first eyewear industry event in the Chinese circle. Your LOOK expected to become the world’s third largest eyewear industry event. Following Paris SILMO and Italy’s The Fair MIDO, making it the first expression of self-STYLE!

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