Fake Oakley Sunglasses Are Generally Regarded As A Must-have Item

fake Oakleys

In this cold winter, the bright sun can drive away the severe cold for people outdoors, but the winter sun that is not easy to show up is precious but bright. Intense ultraviolet rays are very easy to hurt the eyes, and must not be taken lightly. Fake Oakley Sunglasses are generally regarded as a must-have item for summer, but a stylish pair of fake Oakleys can be worn from summer to winter.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses
Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Wearing fake Oakley sunglasses to go out on the street can not only help you block the dazzling sunlight, but also perfectly cover you without makeup, adding points to your overall look. How to play winter street shooting without sunglasses.

Angelina Jolie wore a gray slim suit with a white T-shirt underneath, a black skirt, and black leather boots to show up, attracting fans to chase wildly. The overall shape is casual and capable, but the pair of sunglasses that I wear make the overall shape full of stars.

Emma Stone wore a black coat with a pink T-shirt and a white pleated skirt on the street. The short boots lengthen the legs, and the black bag completes the overall look. Wearing sunglasses, she can hardly stop the smell of stars even when walking on the crowded streets.

Alexa Chung’s style of dressing can always arouse fans’ enthusiasm and follow. Alexa Chung, who appeared on the street recently, is wearing a plaid coat and gray skinny jeans. The overall shape is rather dull, and the pink shirt inside makes the overall dress no longer dull. Black sunglasses make it full of mystery.

Kim Kardashian was wearing a black shirt and black tights underneath. She wore a black long coat and walked quite modestly. The pair of black sunglasses that I might be wearing played an indispensable role.

White thick-needle twist knit sweater, paired with black radish leather pants, if you ever think this dress is too ordinary. A pair of contrasting high heels and a geometric print scarf can instantly enhance your temperament. Of course, you also need a pair of fake Oakley sunglasses to create the overall style of fashion.

Gwen Stefani appeared on the street in sportswear, and the rivet bag in his hand was quite eye-catching. Of course, clearance Oakley sunglasses also add a lot to the overall look.

Paris Hilton was wearing a black printed knit sweater, black leather pants, hand-carrying a black and white pattern clutch bag and appeared at the airport. To play street photography at the airport in winter, how can you not dress up cool and sharp black sunglasses.

Sarah Michelle Gellar wore a checkered shirt with a gray round-neck T-shirt and a ripped denim on the street. Wearing casual clothes, she still looks full of aura, with black sunglasses tied up a lot.

Which Sunglasses Brands Are More Likely To Capture Hearts

Exquisite makeup, fashionable clothes, and casual collocation make the stars in the show a “walking fashion textbook”. As a must-have item for travel, fake Oakley sunglasses not only play the eye protection function of sunshade and sunscreen, but also add a lot of color to the shape, showing a unique personal taste.

Thus, bid farewell to the screen, in ordinary travel, which sunglasses brands are more likely to capture hearts?

Paramount sunglasses

The post-90s flower “Yang Zi” wears the feelings of Anli Paramount on Weibo. She shared: Every trip is to fly from this city to another city, and it feels like traveling. During this trip, the Paramount travel sunglasses that I must bring with me are not only windproof and eye protection, but also concave shape. What’s more, it is very nice and comfortable.

This year, in “Romantic Journey of Wife 2”, Zhang Jiani, the goddess of happiness who set off the memory of the post-90s generation, was also a fan of Pilimeng. In this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the goddess appeared on the streets of Paris in an All White dress. Choosing a pair of pink Limon aviator sunglasses as an embellishment; strolling in the courtyard, showing the romantic and elegant French style.

Lanqi 6147 sunglasses

Lanqi 6147 sunglasses are double-layered lenses, borderless geometric design, light and warm, light and thin metal frame, comfortable and stress-free to wear. The foot cover adopts a humanized arc design, which is comfortable to the ear. Lanqi 6147 sunglasses are beautiful in appearance and relatively lightweight. After wearing them, there is no pressure, and they will not fall for a long time. They have good shading effect and are necessary for going out in summer.

Helien N6621 sunglasses

The simple and clean lines of Hullien N6621 sunglasses are matched with geometric frames, which can easily create a fashionable and cool feeling. The seemingly simple hollow design is not only chic and fashionable, but also can modify the face.

What I like most about Hullien N6621 sunglasses is the hollow frame design. After wearing it, it will become more fashionable and trendy. There is a fan of sunglasses with good quality workmanship and good shading effect.

Fake Oakley sunglasses

Fake Oakley sunglasses
Knockoff Oakley sunglasses

Replica Oakley sunglasses are made of high-quality alloy materials, through multiple processes, to create a slim and flexible sunglasses. The connection between the temples and the frame has been tested for 6000 times. And it still maintains a stable and smooth shape. The lens has undergone a 650 degree light radiation resistance test, bringing a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.

Fake Oakley sunglasses are of good workmanship and quality, and even the standard spectacle case is exquisite. Further more, it is comfortable to wear and has good polarization effect, which is very suitable for driving.

Automatic Color Conversion Lens Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Are you looking for a new pair of glasses with self-tinting lenses, which can provide you with excellent protection from sunlight and harmful UV rays while giving up traditional glasses? Did you know that lenses that darken in the sun are fake Oakley sunglasses lenses that now provide good vision? Let me tell you why you should buy this lens and related precautions.

Since the 1960s, fake Oakley sunglasses have self-tinted lenses. Chemist Stanley Donald Stookey and his colleague William Armistead invented this small but significant lens. They have produced lenses that can react to ultraviolet light and have a color-changing function.

Since then, many improvements have been made to the quality and color change performance of the lenses. Many people cannot work properly without fake Oakley sunglasses and like to switch glasses indoors and outdoors. Here is what you need to know about these generalists:

What is the difference between the quality of various Automatic color conversion lenses?

fake Oakley sunglasses

With Automatic color conversion lenses, there is no need to change glasses. For people who wear photochromic glasses, what is important. The wearer has very clear requirements in terms of quality and performance:

 In order to be comfortable to use, self-tinting lenses must quickly adapt to changes in light conditions.

In order to obtain good vision, Automatic color conversion lenses must be truly dark in the sun, and completely clear and transparent indoors.

Self-tinting lenses must be effective while also providing excellent UV protection.

For aesthetics, the color tone of Automatic color conversion lenses should be charming and coordinated.

Automatic color conversion lenses should have a long service life and high performance.

They should be compatible with all frame types and various glasses.

These are the qualities that Oakley lenses possess. It only takes 15 to 30 seconds for the lenses of cheap Oakley sunglasses to darken in bright light or sunlight. Indoors, it will become clear and transparent again in about 5 to 10 minutes. Lenses can provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays. Therefore, whether the sun is full of light or there are large dark clouds in the sky, these are not important: our eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light during the day. For many people, using sunscreen has become a habit. But sunscreen does not prevent an uncomfortable burning sensation in your eyes or eyelids. Protect your eyes-glasses with UV protection can do this.

How do photochromic or Automatic color conversion lenses work?

fake Oakley sunglasses

The basic principle of photochromic lenses is the application of chemical reactions involving certain molecules. The secret behind replica Oakleys lenses is the photosensitive molecules that react quickly to changing light. When the incident light changes, especially ultraviolet light, the molecules will change, which will cause the lens to become clear or dark. The innovative combination of these photosensitive molecules and foakley sunglasses lenses creates a powerful next-generation self-tinting lens.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses Store, Replica Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale

In the coming weeks, the fake Oakleys will be ready to deliver its first Frames audio AR sunglasses, but if you are looking for sportier lenses with integrated audio. You should keep your attention on fake Oakley sunglasses with OptiShokz bone conduction audio.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses

To allow cyclists, runners, mountaineers, golfers, skiers, and other athletes to listen to their music and make calls while maintaining “environmental sound awareness”. Oakley will launch the fake Oakley sunglasses Radar Pace through an Indiegogo campaign on February 19.

Sunglasses have long been a fashion icon and an essential item in everyday life. As a leading brand in the field of sunglasses. Oakley has always been known for its unique design, high-quality materials and excellent performance. However, genuine Oakley sunglasses are expensive, which makes replica Oakley sunglasses a popular choice.

Fake Oakley sunglasses strive to be comparable in appearance and performance to the genuine products. They are usually made of high-quality plastic or metal materials, making the sunglasses construction sturdy and durable. Lenses are usually made of high-quality polycarbonate or glass materials with excellent scratch, shock and UV resistance. This makes replica Oakley sunglasses equally effective in protecting your eyes from UV damage and glare.

In terms of design, fake Oakley sunglasses strive to maintain the style and charm of the original brand. You can find imitation versions of Oakley Frogskins, Holbrook, Gascan and many other classic styles, and they are almost the same as the originals. In addition, replica Oakley sunglasses also provide a variety of lens colors and frame options to meet the needs of different people.

Most importantly, when purchasing fake Oakley sunglasses, make sure to choose a trustworthy seller to ensure that you are getting a guaranteed quality product. While replica sunglasses are less expensive, you still need to carefully consider your needs and budget before purchasing to ensure you’re getting a product you’re happy with. Regardless, replica Oakley sunglasses offer an affordable option for those who want stylish, eye-protective sunglasses.

fake Oakley sunglasses

I doubt that these sound as good as the fake Oakleys Frames (which I’ve already tried), but they should offer a decent sound and be attractive to runners and cyclists who want to hear the traffic around them for safety reasons. In addition, for those who enroll in competitions that prohibit the use of earphones that block their ears. These replica Oakley sunglasses with audio will also be a very good option.

As soon as I get some time to test them when I have a preliminary model. I will update this article with my impressions about the performance of their audio. Until then, here are the key features of the Opti Shokz Revvez:

They are the first fake Oakley sunglasses with transducers located to transmit sound through the cartilage behind the ear. Providing the best response for bass sounds and volume

The beveled titanium rods have two positions

They are resistant to water and sweat

Each pair includes three interchangeable silicone rubber pads for the bridge, which ensure a very comfortable fit

Five lenses to choose from: polarized gray, REVO blue, gray gradient, transparent and bright yellow

Teijin polycarbonate molds the lenses, and they come with an included lens, with additional lenses sold separately.

The open design allows your ears to be free of blocking and lets you hear the ambient sound while you enjoy your music. Dual noise-canceling microphones eliminate external noise while improving voice volume for calls.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses for Men’s & Women’s Cheap Online

If you can only choose the same accessories in the summer, then I will not hesitate to choose fake Oakley sunglasses. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses are not only a sunshade tool, but also the best item for all seasons.

Different faces should wear different fake oakley sunglasses. Today I am going to do a large-scale sunglasses science and recommend the most suitable sunglasses for your face.

The round face is the baby face we have been talking about. The cheekbones and the chin are round and the chin is about an arc. Zhao Liying is a typical round face. The baby face makes her look more age-reducing and very popular.

Compared to round fake Oakleys, the round face is more suitable for angular square sunglasses, which makes the face look more distinct.

Cat’s eye fake oakley sunglasses may be the savior of a round face. The upper part of the frame is raised. It visually stretches the upper half of the face, and, by contrast, reduces the size of the lower half of the face.

fake oakley sunglasses

The shape of the cat’s eye knockoff Oakleys is full of femininity. This year’s most popular slim, narrow sunglasses style can make the cat’s eye sunglasses look more spiritual and can match various styles.

If your forehead, cheekbones, and mandible are about the same width, then you are a square face with sharp edges.

Many people may not like to called square faces, but in fact, this well-defined face is very popular internationally. And they can easily control most of the popular sunglasses.

In order to achieve a realistic balance of beauty, the square face is best to wear a sleek aviator sunglasses. The pilot’s sunglasses originally designed to protect the vision of US Air Force pilots and later became a long-lasting fashion item.

Compared to most sunglasses, aviator sunglasses have the added benefit of having a separate nose pad that can be easily navigated.

The square face should try to avoid the sharp frame, which easily enlarges the shortcomings of the square face. A round frame makes the face lines look softer.

The cheekbones of the long face are similar to the square face, and the whole face is also sharp and angular, but from the visual point of view, the entire face of the long face is too narrow.

Maggie.Q, the heroine of the American drama Nikita, is a typical long-faced actress and looks like a gas field. Long-faced fairies can choose sunglasses that stretch the face lines horizontally. Such as wide-width traveler sunglasses, and the rough frame can reduce the slenderness of the face. For long faces, you can choose large frame sunglasses to make your face smaller than the palm. Oversize’s circular sunglasses also make the face lines look more rounded. Visually filling the width of the face, the lines of the middle and the chin.

TIPS: There is another important trick to picking best fake Oakleys. The frame of the fake oakley sunglasses must be wider than the face. This is the key to making a small face.

The Oval face called the most ideal face shape. Its overall contour is even, the lines are smoother, and the chin is rounded.

Liu Yifei is a standard Oval face. There is no limit to the choice of frame type, she can easily control all types of sunglasses. However, we recommend choosing larger D-type sunglasses, which can focus on the center of the face. This makes the face more prominent and reducing the face area.

Here to everyone: Science UV protection ability to see UV400 logo and lens material, shading ability to see the color depth. Especially in the summer, the sun is very glaring. I suggest that it is best to wear foakleys when you go out. You are a fashionable person. You can use foakley sunglasses to improve your fashion index.

High Quality Fake Oakley Sunglasses Sale 2020 Christmas

In the late 1990s Warren Ellis wrote a comic book called Transmetropolitan. It was a gonzo journalist “denouncing the abuse of power and corruption of two consecutive presidents of the United States. Seeking to counter the social injustices around which there is a media silence by its resounding articles.” One of its particularity was the wearing of a pair of fake Oakley sunglasses with integrated camera: The left lens of high quality fake Oakleys is red and round, the right rectangular and green, allowing to manage the video recording and take pictures as soon as he wanted it.

Despite these omissions, this pair of fake Oakley sunglasses sold at $18. Which is one of the devices that will prove extremely useful, since even if it is not expensive. The quality offered by the camera embedded in these replica Oakleys glasses offers an excellent resolution of 5 megapixels.

The fake Oakley sunglasses come in black with buttons that happen to be silver decorations on the outside of the branches. Just press it to run your new camera. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the knockoff Oakley sunglasses, which may cause problems for some people.

The plastic is thick, but we feel the lightness of the branches. Which is nothing like the style or quality of manufacture of best fake Oakley sunglasses. The glasses come with a soft cloth case, and a micro USB to USB cable is provided for charging and transferring files. Another negative point, the pair does not come with a memory card. But it supports micro SD memory cards up to a size of 32 GB, about 8 hours of continuous video recording.

Thus, you will find the camera on the front of the glasses between the two lenses:

fake Oakley sunglasses

On the right branch, we will find the microphone, a button to reset the device. Another to start recording, an indicator for the status of the recording. The location to insert the micro SD card or still a mini USB port to recharge the glasses

The glasses provide an almost perfect point of view for a first-person view, thanks to the central position of the camera between your eyes. They record exactly what you are looking at, from the angle you are facing.

Since the sensor and lens are so small, the video quality of the glasses is closer to the capabilities of a smartphone camera than a dedicated camera or camcorder. It can record videos in 1080p and 720p or. And can capture photos up to 5 megapixels while recording by pressing the button.

But even at the highest quality setting, recorded video is not particularly outstanding. Regarding the photos, example below, these look surprisingly interesting. But you’ll get better results from a compact camera with a lens and a decent sensor. The audio quality is not of excellent quality.

The foakleys lenses offer an impressive 75 degree angle of life with little or no distortion. A boon when similar action cameras rely on wide lenses at the expense of having a fisheye effect. This is an action camera and its ability to record 720p video is useful for sports or other activities that are suitable for a first-person view.

By having a camera in the middle of a pair of replica Oakley sunglasses. It offers a better view in the first person than any other action camera that I have tested so far.

Even though the design seems to provide a somewhat solid device for its price. If you want to record the video you see at a moment t. This is one of the best options available.

We Unveil Your Styling With Replica Oakley Sunglasses

We unveil your styling trick to succeed with replica Oakley sunglasses.

Yes, we are in the middle of winter and it seems that this polar cold is never going to go away. But we can already predict what the summer sunglasses will be. Why are we so sure? Easy: Because replica Oakley sunglasses have taken them. And because a ‘low-cost’ version is already waiting for us on the shelves.

As always, each piece that the model has is studied in detail and the replica Oakley sunglasses that she has worn in New York capture all the prominence of her latest look. And it is not surprising, because they have everything to succeed.

It is a ‘retro’ design in the shape of a cat’s eye and white paste. Arising from the collaboration between the French firm Le Specs and the designer Adam Selman. The name ‘The Last Lolita’ presents the model and offers the perfect accessory to add a touch of ‘chic’ elegance to your look.

replica Oakley Sunglasses

If you liked it, we have two good news. The first point is that replica Oakley sunglasses carries them. And you can buy them in the online store for just $16, making them quite affordable. The second is that we have found his clone, still cheaper, for only 15.95 US Dollar. There is no excuse to let this trend go by!

But be careful, because it is an accessory as risky as it is striking and not everything is worth when it comes to combining it. Before going out with them, take note of the simple styling trick that Oakley has put into practice to succeed with their white sunglasses.

Among the different models presented by the firm, stand out the glasses in the form of flowers. Which are suitable for the most daring and ideal for summer festivals. Its metal frame in gold surrounds a central lens in burgundy combined with smaller pink mirror creating a three-dimensional effect that makes these glasses a unique piece.

But if you do not dare with these, replica Oakley sunglasses also presents the same but in black. A little more discreet and ideal for day to day.

In addition to these original designs. Fake Oakley sunglasses also adds to its collection a cat-eye model with rose gold frames. And with the original detail of an embroidered flower-shaped ornament with sequins.

The Test Of Knockoff Oakleys

I was able to afford these knockoff Oakleys sunglasses thanks to a friend who works in optics. Otherwise, I would never have invested in it. You must know that I am a fan of the quality / price ratio of knockoff Oakleys sunglasses.

However, I’m not at all disappointed with the product. The only complaint I can make him is that the knockoff Oakleys not polarized. And personally, at this price, it bothers me a little. But, some people will think that I quibble and they may not be wrong.

First of all, the livery is impressive. The product very well accessorized, and that’s an excellent point. With the purchase, when one opens the box one very impressed, here are the details:

– The storage case, big, very big, we understand better why when opened,

– The knockoff Oakleys, sober and aesthetic, very enveloping, protection index 3+ with adjustable branches 3 positions,

– Anti-fog system

– Elastic headband to replace the ski mask style, it is equipped with a non-slip system to prevent it from slipping,

– Protects your nose to prevent sunburn,

– A cloth case that serves as a “cleaning cloth”,

– Orange replacement lenses, with their fabric case, which reduce the protection factor to 2, ideal in the fog,

– Spare high quality knockoff Oakleys for the anti-fog system,

– A “nose support” (I do not know the technical term. It is the place that comes to be placed on the nose when we put the glasses) spare rubber,

– The user manual.

knockoff Oakleys


The finishes of the product are excellent. The foakley sunglasses can disassembled completely to be accessorized with respect to the exit that one wishes to make. Go skiing, running, climbing, kéké in the city … and it rains, it sells. There is fog or there is a bright sun. In 2 minutes, you can completely transform his glasses to his liking, it’s very nice. Everything is clipped and easily disappears. By cons, if you want to carry the complete set, it’s a bit of a hassle, the case is really too big and takes a crazy place in the bag.

In practice:

The light protection is excellent, the quality of the glasses is top. The ability to adjust the branches offers a real plus, to adapt to different morphology of face.

The anti-fog system really well designed, I have never had a fogging problem in winter as it may be the case with my Oakley “Swelve”, plus it has a foam “comfort” installed on it. Which is really comfortable when using the elastic band during outings on ski touring. The system closes on the glasses, which creates an air space and ventilated from below and above. It is really very very effective with in addition a special treatment “antifog” on the glasses of this accessory.

The fake Oakley sunglasses are very comfortable, whatever the activity (mountaineering, ski touring, simple stroll …) they do not move. The branches tighten just enough and associated with the rubber nose support , the stability is exceptional. Having had many pairs of glasses before, which I kept the cases. I use a knockoff Oakleys sunglasses hard case smaller to put the glasses in the bag if I do not need it.

The elastic band is very effective, easy to adjust. The inside of the headband covered with silicone filaments. Which allows a perfect fit on the head, the headband does not slip.

The 2 types of lenses provided allow a wide range of use. The orange lenses are very effective, very bright on white days, the relief is quite good despite the reduced visibility. 3+ glasses are very nice, the brightness very well filtered.


I love this knockoff Oakleys, but the price can put off more than one, although compare to other brands they are not so expensive. I do not regret my purchase. If you hesitate for a long time because of the price, ben do not hesitate, go for it. The only little complaint that I can do is the non polarization of the glasses and the size of the case provided difficult to take in a bag, but hey, I quibble.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses Is A Classic Of The Twentieth Century

No identifiable brand, but square frame and generous size. The image of fake Oakley sunglasses are the genesis of that curious alliance consisting of wearing dark cheap Oakley sunglasses with a tailoring suit. The most influential Italian actor (in stylistic terms) of the twentieth century consecrated the image of the gentleman dandy. Something frivolous and apparently disillusioned, that hides his cynicism (and his hangover. Always suffered with elegance) behind the shadow of the fake Oakley sunglasses lenses. If you try to understand why whenever we imagine an Italian we visualize it that way. The answer is the same one that Anita Ekberg shouted in ‘La dolce vita’: “Marcello”.

The Case of Thomas Crown

The actor with the best pint of the sixties, Steve McQueen, took them in ‘The Case of Thomas Crown’, one of the best-looking films in history. The 714 were born as a folding variant of the 649 and became an icon of the prodigious decade and inseparable companions of McQueen. Who used to use them also in his private life. Today they are still for sale, and there is even an almost exact replica of the American actor’s favorite fake Oakley sunglasses.

fake Oakley sunglasses

Men in black

Two models of Ray Ban Predator (2027 and 2030) that became almost as famous as the forgettors they used in ‘Men in black’. Although few now remember, ‘Men in black’ was one of the great stylistic successes of the late nineties. The mix of futuristic sunglasses. Black suit and tie and white shirt gave birth to several generations of men dressed as bodyguards. And they even influenced such traditional phenomena as ‘Caiga Quien’, that glorious satirical informative in which sunglasses with acetate frames.
The Ray Ban Clubmaster, inspired by the bohemian and intellectual world of the fifties. Have become in recent years a safe bet of the most famous optical firm in the world. His mount, which combines acetate and metal, is a classic ‘millennial’ thanks to a hybrid formula with an intellectual touch.

Because the fake Oakley sunglasses is a classic of the twentieth century that is increasingly valid among new audiences. Because they recognize themselves instantly, but they are not ostentatious. Designed for the tram drivers of Turin in 1957. They were a symbol of the sixties and have arrived untouched until today. So it seems unlikely that they will go out of fashion overnight.

Voluminous, with metal frame, double bridge and inspired by the automotive world. Michael Jackson was very fond of Ray Ban’s designs, but this seems to be a little song on the air. In his search for privacy and in the social panic that dominated him until the end of his days. Jackson knew how to turn his personal appearance into an authentic impregnable cuirass. The discount Oakley sunglasses that she used since she was young in her public appearances fulfilled the same protective function as the gloves. The mask or the extravagant garments: to draw attention and divert her at the same time. Today they are excessive, but the eighties (this photo is from 1984) were so striking.

How To Use The Fake Oakleys Radar Pace

The first step before starting to use the knockoff Oakleys should be to go to the More option and modify the settings at our convenience. We can edit the profile, configure and manage the connected sensors, modify the trainer’s settings (here we only have to modify the frequency of update. It would have been interesting if it was configurable, because if you want to keep this option active. It can be a bit of a binge that will update you in that short space of time. Of course, you can take it off and ask your fake Oakley sunglasses when you think convenient.


In this option there are also several tutorials that show you how to use the fake Oakley sunglasses Radar Pace.

Once we have configured everything to our liking. We can start running with them, press the Start option that offers 3 options.

Free run – we can do any training, in this option the fake Oakley sunglasses will be connected to the phone and will offer us the following data (stride pace, stride length, heart rate, training duration, distance, pace). Of course we could also have linked our ANT + sensor.

Free bike tour – same as the previous one, but for bike. In my case I have not used this option, but it seems to work the same way as the race.

We are going to see how a program is created, the app allows you to create a personalized training based on some questions that you are going to ask. You can create a plan for a bike or for a race, it asks your experience, the daily distance you can run. If you are preparing for a test or just to be in shape, the date of the test. When you want to start, the days you can run, the day you want to make your long career. And after all this will create the plan until the date of your selected test.

fake Oakley sunglasses

To improve

In the creation of personalized training, I see two problems. The first is that, if during the creation you make a mistake in some step or insert an erroneous data. You can not go back to the previous step, you have to cancel the whole program and start over. The second is that these programs are not very customizable.

Well, after seeing how to configure the app, we go to the mess and with the test thoroughly. As usual we have tested the glasses mainly in training sessions in Segovia and the north face of the Sierra de Guadarrama, our usual training place. The test included both short and long runs while training for the Barcelona Marathon and the Madrid Marathon.

To start using fake Oakley sunglasses, just click on the option Start and choose the type of training you want to do. Then you can click on the Start training button or, you can tell your glasses that you want to start training, with a simple ” foakleys Radar, start training “?

You’ll wonder how the voice recognition goes: Well, to be honest, I think it’s pretty decent. In most cases, the cheap replica Oakleys perfectly understand what you are asking. True, I noticed some problem if there is a lot of wind, but they have a piece to protect the mic in case you want to use it. As I said, I used the fake Oakley sunglasses during the Barcelona marathon, and even with the bustle of the people.

After the training, you can see all the data in the app, also depending on the training performed. The app can determine your heart rate zones and rhythm, which it will then use in creating the following plans.


Personally, I love the idea. We must recognize that the fake Oakley sunglasses guys have hit the nail on the head, ahead of the rest of the brands and producing glasses that “have it all”? Now, even recognizing the interest of the concept. However, I think from this first development there are enough details to be polished, such as:

The app is very basic, easy and intuitive, but I think it lacks some details to improve.

The app doesn’t have a web page for configuring your data and training on your computer.

You can not customize your training plans, you have to use free training or the plan that the app creates. But you can not add your own plans.

It is necessary to take the phone with you to be able to use the voice control and to communicate the data.

Training data can not be configured

Imagine that the high quality fake Oakley sunglasses did not depend on the phone, and you could connect them to your GPS watch and consume the data directly from it, there I think cheap Oakley sunglasses would win many integers. The need to carry the phone in all races is a fact that in my case would throw me a little back when deciding on this type of gadget.