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Education in healthy life habits begins from childhood. Parents and educators play a key role in the acquisition of appropriate habits by children. To whom they transfer not only their knowledge and attitudes, but also their behavior patterns. The use of fake Oakleys is even more important for children than for adults. Since their crystalline lens is younger and transparent and has lower capacity to filter the light .

The discomfort that some people or others may suffer as a result of the sun does not depend on the light or dark color of their eyes. “Although popular beliefs seem to suggest that the clear eye is more troubled by light than dark. This is not true. The irises are light or dark depending on the amount of brown pigment (melanin). That they have deposited on their anterior surface “, clarifies Professor Bueno. Also, it indicates that the fact that more or less light passes into the interior of the eye depends on the good functioning of the pupil. Which regulates the entrance opening or closing.

In the summer, in which there are more hours of light and we make more life in the open air. It is especially important to always use protection in our eyes. The CEU professor recalls that “even when it is cloudy. Ultraviolet light as well as visible light expose us, as clouds do not totally filter it.”

But not all fake Oakleys sunglasses are adequate. The use of colored lenses and quality cheap Oakley sunglasses help prevent and delay the development of eye diseases. As they completely block UV radiation and partially reduce the visible light incident on the eye.

Fake Oakleys

The fake Oakleys are not listed as sanitary products. But as Individual Protection Equipment, which allows us to find them in a variety of establishments. However, they do not always provide all the necessary guarantees of eye protection. For this reason, Professor Bueno describes wearing Oakley sunglasses that do not meet the desired requirements in terms of sunscreens as dangerous and emphasizes. “Wearing an unsuitable filter may lead us to think that we protected when, in reality. It puts us in a situation of greater risk than if we carry nothing.”

The general indications when choosing the color of a filter are usually the following: green for hyperopic, slightly alter the colors. The brown increases the contrast and is more recommended for myopic patients. Gray is the one that best respects natural colors because it is the one that filters all wavelengths more evenly. In conditions of low luminosity, yellows and oranges are special and provide more contrast. But for the same reason, they are discouraged for solar use.

In addition to the color. Oakley lenses have another type of filter that is not observable since it does not bring appreciable external changes to the naked eye. This is the case of ultraviolet filters.  They do not contribute anything different to the external appearance of the lens and are a basic choice in any fake Oakleys. Whether or not for sun protection. The mirrors, for situations of more light or glare. Or antireflective filters serve as their primary function to eliminate glare and reflections on the external and internal faces of the lenses. Ensuring that vision occurs under the best contrast conditions. There are also photochromic lenses, which darken in the presence of ultraviolet radiation. Or lenses with polarized filters, which eliminate annoying reflections on certain surfaces, such as water or road.

In summary, Sara Bueno says that “there are no cheap Oakleys that are better. But we will choose the best or most appropriate filter according to the use we are going to give them and where we are going to use them”. And he recommends going to the optician-optometrist. Since “he will be able to recommend some high quality fake Oakleys or another according to the needs of each person from website“.

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